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And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


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Ardell a.

by Shirley Galdino

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Darwin Day by Matthew Chapman

Charles Darwin said that when he began to see the outlines of the idea of evolution, facts and details that supported it seemed to gather around it almost of their own accord and were easily remembered. Contradictory details, however, were unconsciously resisted or could easily be pushed aside and forgotten. To avoid this Darwin kept a notebook where he wrote down everything that might undermine his theories. This insistence on pursuing truth no matter where it might lead is the essence of science and the exact opposite of the religious thought process, or lack of it. In religion you start with a

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resulting wish-fulfilment inventions no matter what the evidence. This kind of religion-think spills into other areas that have no apparent religious content. There are many historical correlations between religious belief and obstinate denial of reality. And this continues. In North America, for example, the Republican presidential candidates have decided that climate change is “a hoax”. This is not a religious belief, but it feels like one. These are not scientists, they don’t understand the science, and they feel no obligation to explain what evidence they have to support their convictions. They simply state them… with conviction. And people go for it because religion softens the mind and makes it ready to buy other distortions of reality. When reality is as dangerous as it is now, this is frightening. As E.O Wilson put it, “Humanity is the first species in the history of life to become a geophysical force.” By spreading toxic chemicals, cutting down forests, polluting the oceans, destroying wild ecosystems and the species that compose them we could damage our planet, perhaps permanantly. To turn away from this, to deny the evidence for the sake of short term political or financial gain is not just intellectually indefensible, it’s evil. In contrast, the scientific method, a codified form of skepticism, simply asks: What is most likely to be true on the basis of what evidence, and how best can I test that evidence? If this scrupulous way of thinking was taught in schools with as much passion as religious faith is taught in churches, temples and synagogues, we would all be much safer. The bible says “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” But actually it is science not religion that cares about truth. It is honest scientists like Darwin and Galileo who tell us the truth about our world and it is the popes and others like them who insist that we deform our brains in order to believe cruel and childish nonsense. It’s all cowardice and fear. Science is brave. Atheism is brave.

Happy Darwin Day, Matthew.

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After College Christian Group Forces Gay Treasurer to Resign, University of Buffalo Suspends Them

Fonte: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2011/12/05/after-college-christian-group-forces-gay-treasurer-to-resign-university-of-buffalo-suspends-them/

After College Christian Group Forces Gay Treasurer to Resign, University of Buffalo Suspends Them


on December 5, 2011


Steven Jackson, a sophomore at the University of Buffalo is gay. He’s also the treasurer for his college’s Intervarsity Christian Fellowship group. When staffers and board members found out Jackson was gay, theytold him he needed to step down from his leadership position.

Not because he’s gay. No. Of course not. Christians *love* gay people.

The problem was that Jackson didn’t accept the anti-gay Bible passages as Absolute Truth.



Steven Jackson. (Photo credit: Meg Kinsley of The Spectrum)


IVCF Vice President Leslie Varughese said the club’s executive board members, including Jackson, mutually decided that Jackson’s resignation would be best for both Jackson and the club, not because of Jackson’s homosexuality, but because of his refusal to accept Biblical scripture — specifically, those Bible passages that condemn homosexuality.

Simply put, the problem was not that Jackson is gay; the problem was that Jackson doesn’t accept Bible verses that condemn gay people.

When asked whether Varughese’s characterization of the resignation as a mutual agreement was accurate, Jackson said yes and no.

“It was definitely a pressured [resignation]…They made it clear that they felt like I should step down and kind of made me uncomfortable enough to the point where I just wanted to leave,” Jackson said.

“We told Steve that it would be very difficult for him to lead with integrity in an organization that had contrary beliefs…We didn’t ask him to leave the Fellowship, and we do not want him to leave the Fellowship,” Varughese said. “We love him, and we want him to continue to seek God and grow in his faith.”

How many mistakes can you make in one sentence…?

“We love him” — No, you don’t.

“We want him to continue to seek God”He’s still a Christian. He already “found god.”

We want him to “grow in his faith” — That must be a new euphemism for “He needs to stop liking dudes.”

Even if the IVCF leadership is serious about getting rid of Steven not because he’s gay but because he didn’t fully accept what the Bible says, they’re still guilty of selectively choosing which verses to follow. Odds are there are students in the leadership who have had pre-marital sex, worked on the Sabbath, and wore wool and linen together.

Jackson added that the group’s leadership knew he liked other men when he was elected to the post, despite the fact that he was dating a female at the time:

“They were under the impression that I was straight because I was dating a female at the time,” Jackson said. “[I think] they were under the impression that I had ‘changed.’”

Jackson wants to make clear that he defines himself as gay, but he hasn’t “closed [him]self completely off” to other modes of sexuality. And he said that at the time that he was elected treasurer, IVCF members hadn’t known that he defined himself as gay. Once they found out, he said, the events leading to his resignation were set into motion.

At least the Student Association at the school did the right thing. When they discovered that IVCF had a clause in their Constitution that forced executive board members to sign a “faith-based agreement” (which says you must believe the Bible is “divinely inspired” and therefore 100% true, and implicitly says you can’t ever act on your “gayness”), they suspended the group:

“All peripheral privileges afforded to Student Association clubs are revoked for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship until further notice,” wrote SA Treasurer Sikander Khan in a Friday letter to the IVCF’s executive board.

Surprisingly, Jackson, the student caught in the middle of all this, fought against the suspension:

“I believe the article in Friday’s Spectrum was wholly accurate,” Jackson’s statement read. “Had my [sexual] orientation not come up, I do not believe that this would be happening right now…If [the IVCF's requirement to sign

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a faith-based agreement] is illegal, I do not blame Intervarsity. I blame the Student Association for failing to properly review club constitutions and inform clubs of their legality.”

Steven. I know your heart is with the group. But don’t blame the Student Association for the inability of certain Christians to read the rules.

They can be bigots in their churches all they want. But they don’t get to be bigots on campus when tuition dollars

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support the organizations. ($6,000 in tuition money for this year’s budget to be exact.)

IVCF is arguing that they don’t discriminate against members of the group, only its leaders. But that’s a useless distinction, since the leaders are elected from the general membership.

It doesn’t matter that they’re a Christian group. If you’re an official campus organization — able to get meeting rooms for free, able to apply for event funding, able to have a $6,000 (?!?) budget — you can’t discriminate against members or leaders. It’s that simple.

(Thanks to Wesley for the link)

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How We Know Global Warming is Real and Human Caused

By Donald R. Prothero
From: http://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/12-02-08/

Pine Island Glacier
(photo shown above)

In mid-October 2011, NASA scientists working in Antarctica discovered a massive crack across the Pine Island Glacier, a major ice stream that drains the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Extending for 19 miles (30 kilometers), the crack was 260 feet (80 meters) wide and 195 feet (60 meters) deep. Eventually, the crack will extend all the way across the glacier, and calve a giant iceberg that will cover about 350 square miles (900 square kilometers). This image from the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) instrument on NAS’s Terra spacecraft was acquired Nov. 13, 2011, and covers an area of 27 by 32 miles (44 by 52 kilometers), and is located near 74.9 degrees south latitude, 101.1 degrees west longitude. (Image Credit:NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team)

On January 27, 2012, theWall Street Journal ran anOpinion Editorial written READ MORE…

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Anonymous attacks Brazilian Government websites.

Editor: Shirley Galdino

The anonymous group of hackers attacked at dawn on Saturday several pages of the Government of Brasilia and the official website of singer Paula Fernandes, in protest against the closure of the site for downloads Megaupload by American justice.

Through its own Twitter page, the hacker group claimed responsibility for the raids that have continued throughout the early morning of Saturday, more than 100 pagesof Brasilia, with

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the domain “df.gov.br”.

Also, the official website of Paula Fernandes, a most prestigious singer, was READ MORE…

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Hyper-Religiousity or Mental Illness?

Posted by: Shirley Galdino
From: http://anadder.com/

The news are full of cases where very religious people do extremely ridiculous or cruel things. For example, there’s Javon Thompson, a 1 year old starved to death by his cult member family because he did not say “amen” during mealtime. Or more recently, a 7 year old girl who was killed during an exorcism by her priest and congregation members. If you want something less harmful to others, look no further than the man who spent his life savings on those Harold Camping apocalypse ads.

A response I’ve seen a few times is that it’s wrong to “blame” religion for these incidents. The reason given is that the people who perpetrate this “obviously” just have a mental illness and that’s all there is to it. It would be as disingenuous as to blame critics of Rupert Sheldrake (a biologist who’s a major proponent of telepathy and other “challenges to the orthodoxy”) for the man who stabbed him . A certain percentage of the population just have Issues. No movement or social group will be without such people as members. Should every movement be blamed for its kooks?

It’s clear that in some cases of hyperreligiosity combined with mental illness, it’s mental illness that’s the overwhelming force. Cases of mothers who kill all their children because they want them to “be with God” are the most blatant examples. But I think to divorce these acts from religion entirely (and say that the exorcist priest was “just crazy”) is to miss the point.

Firstly, I don’t think it’s obvious that all of these people have a mental illness. We have a strong interest in seeing them as READ MORE…

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Atheists “embarrassed by prayer”

Posted by Shirley Galdino

While browsing through an editorial found at the Telegraph, I felt compelled to save the link so I could comment on some of the points made by the author, Christine Odone. She starts out by remarking on an attempt by “A Mr Clive Bone [who] was suing his former colleagues for opening council meetings with a prayer.”

The practice “embarrassed” him as an atheist and contravened Article 9 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of belief. Mr Bone and the National Secular Society, which is fighting his corner in the High Court, want to sever the link between religion and public duties.

Picture public life, if the humanists have their way: READ MORE…

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Funding a Political Cause

By Alonzo Fyfe
Editor: Shirley Galdino

It is an election year, and I am looking at the issue of creating political change.

In my first post I argued that to make political change you need to bring votes or money to the table. At this stage, evidence and sound reasoning are largely irrelevant. They are relevant elsewhere. I will get to that in a future post.

This is not a cynical complaint about a world gone corrupt. This is a fact, as morally neutral as gravity.

If I were a legislator and you came READ MORE…

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Responding to the Most Common Arguments for God’s Existence

By Hemant Mehta
Editor: Shirley Galdino


I listen to a lot of theological discussions and debates. Often, someone will mention the name of a common argument for God’s existence… but I can never seem to remember which argument is which. Maybe you’re in the same boat.

Accordingly, I’ve prepared the following guide for distinguishing five standard apologetics, along with my counterarguments. This isn’t a comprehensive list of arguments, nor does it cover the many nuances of arguments for or against God. Rather, it’s a guide READ MORE…

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How Can Atheist Parents Break Religion Tradition and Help Their Children?

Posted by Shirley Galdino
From: http://www.patheos.com/

There are plenty of atheists out there who choose to take their children to a church for a number of reasons: It sounds like the “right” thing to do, they want to raise their children with good morals (as if religion is the only route to doing that), their spouse wants to go to church and they don’t feel like arguing about it, etc.

Phil Ferguson used to be one of those fathers who took his kids to church despite being a closeted atheist. At least there’s a happy ending to

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his story:

I thought that it would be nice for [my kids] to know about religion and never thought that it would take over their minds. Everyone told them that the crazy was true and I kept silent. I was an atheist raising fundamentalist kids. Just a few short years after I stopped pretending they have both come out as atheists.

There are cases (and Phil highlights one of them) where the kids have already drank the Kool-Aid and it’s too late to do anything about it.

So how do you avoid that fate? How do you make sure your kids grow up free of religion — without “indoctrinating them into atheism” the same way preachers do with Christianity?


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